Amped Wireless Extender Reset

Amped Wireless Extender Reset

When you are unable to connect to your wifi network at the specific area at your home, you put the blame on your ISP (Internet Service provider). But many times it’s the fault of your poor set-up router. A lot of factors can result in slow wifi coverage or dead zones, including household appliances, thick walls or distance.  To minimize such dead spots and have excellent connectivity, Amped wireless extender may come in handy.

As the name suggests, Amped wireless extender extends the reach of your wireless signal beyond its usual coverage. Technically, amped extenders connect to the wireless network and then rebroadcast the signal from that network.

Wireless extenders are best when you want to stretch your wifi connectivity to more rooms; your Amped extender will be able to fetch more connectivity throughout your home. If you want to extend the wifi signal, amped wireless extenders are the best option. They are capable of achieving speed ten times better than normal Ethernet. Without any doubt, a wireless extender is a great investment; it is a fastest and cheapest way to maximize your wifi connection’s effective range.

In case, you face any connectivity or network issue with Amped wireless extender, you can reset your Amped wireless extender. Reset Amped extender can be done in two different ways. Continue reading this blog, to know how to reset amped extender.


amped extender reset

Unplug your wireless extender from the power source.  Press the reset button with the help of the sharp object like paper clip which is located on the back side of the extender for about 20 seconds to reboot the extender. When you turn back the power on of your wireless extender, it should then be reverted to its original factory settings and bring you to the Web Menu after you enter your credentials.


If that doesn’t work then another way to reset your Amped wireless extender is go to the web menu of the extender by typing or in your web browser. It would ask you to enter the username and password of your Amped extender. By entering the credentials, a summary page that shows info and statuses of your network will appear on the screen. Now, go to the Firmware/ setting page on the left side of the main menu. Select the option ‘Reset.’ If that doesn’t work or you cannot access the web menu then, make sure you are using an Ethernet cable to connect the extender to the computer.


Resetting the Amped wireless extender will solve any connectivity or network issue that you are facing. Resetting wireless extender is an easy and simple process; you can reset the Amped wireless extender by following the steps mentioned above. In case, you face any trouble while resetting the extender you can contact our technical team at toll-free number _ or send your query at _, they will be more than happy to help you.

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