Internet dropping down

Internet Dropping Down

It becomes really annoying when you are in between of your important work call or any specific download and your Internet starts dropping. Nowadays each one of us uses the internet for our important works. And there occurs the problem of Internet dropping down. Luckily there are some steps you can use to enhance your...Continue reading

Troubleshooting tips amped router

My Amped Stopped Working

With its long-range coverage, Amped is a leading brand in making high-quality routers. Amped wireless routers can be used in houses and offices. Amped routers are built with 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology. Due to this 802.11 ac Wi-Fi technology, transferring the large files is very easy with your Amped router. You can also enjoy your 4k...Continue reading

Amped Wireless Extender Reset

Amped Wireless Extender Reset

When you are unable to connect to your wifi network at the specific area at your home, you put the blame on your ISP (Internet Service provider). But many times it’s the fault of your poor set-up router. A lot of factors can result in slow wifi coverage or dead zones, including household appliances, thick...Continue reading

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