Setup Range Extender SR10000

How to Setup Amped Wireless Range Extender SR10000

Amped SR10000 Wi-Fi range extender helps a user to enlarge the range of the wireless network. If you got a big house with more devices struggling for Wi-Fi, install Amped SR10000 wireless range extender. The device works perfectly for expanding the Wi-Fi signals of the main router to further rooms. You can use to complete the Amped SR10000 extender setup in order to enhance your home wireless range. Learn easy steps on how to setup amped wireless range extender SR10000 on this guide.

Some things to consider while setting up Amped SR10000 extender:

  • It is necessary to connect your tablet or laptop to the Amped extender through the wireless or wired method.
  • Now, use the web address in the internet browser to perform the Amped extender setup.
  • You can also use the IP address to log into Amped extender login page.
  • Apart from that, you must have the wifi network credentials of the network that you want to extend with the Amped SR10000 extender.

You should have the following details for setup

  • Amped SR10000 wireless extender web address-
  • Amped extender default IP address-
  • Default Amped Wi-Fi SSID- Amped _Network
  • Amped extender admin password- admin
  • AMPED SR10000 extender setup |
Your Amped SR10000 extender provides an extended network after proper installation and configuration. The web domain allows you to complete the Amped extender setup. And, configure the extended network as per the user’s convenience. Check out some advantages that Amped SR1000 has to offer:
  • Amped SR10000 wifi extender is a cost-friendly, user-friendly, and sophisticated device.
  • The device comes with a positioning LED that helps in locating the correct placement.
  • It helps in eliminating all the Wi-Fi dead spots present at a place.
Follow the step-by-step guide for Amped SR1000 setup, login, Amped extender configuration, and more.

Amped extender login

  • Firstly, plug in the Amped device into your home’s working wall socket.
  • You can now connect your computer to the Amped _Network. Click on ‘Connect’.
  • Open up any browser like Firefox for the amped extender setup.
  • Enter in the address bar to access the Amped extender login page.
  • You can also use the IP address to get into Amped wifi dashboard.

Setting up an extended network on the Amped SR10000 dashboard

  • On the Amped SR10000 setup dashboard, click on the ‘Scan’ option. The devices starts looking for the wireless networks available to be extended.
  • Select the network of your home router and make sure it has at least 70% of signal strength. If not, move the Amped SR10000 extender closer to your router.
  • Next, fill in the security key of the wireless network in case you have enabled the security key. Press on the ‘Connect’ option.
  • Furthermore, assign a network name/SSID to your extended network.
  • Also, provide its Wi-Fi security passkey then, click on ‘Next’
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the Amped SR10000 configuration and confirm the settings.

The final word

That’s all! Amped extender setup is done. Now, you need to find an optimal location for the placement of Amped SR10000 extender. Plug the device in a location where it is at a 50% distance of a wireless router and 50% of dead spots. You can follow our other guides to know about the Amped extender troubleshooting. You can directly talk to our team if you need any help with the Amped extender. Quick dial our toll-free number.
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