Setup amped wireless extender

How to setup amped wireless range extender

When setting up amped wireless range extender for the first time, one of the important steps is logging into the device and configuring its security settings. Although there are different models of Amped extenders available in the market, the basic installation and login process is the same for all the devices. The blog post will explain to you the steps required for setting up Amped wireless range extender and configuring the settings for the first time.

Easy process of Amped extender setup

Amped wireless range extender setup helps to enlarge the range offered by a wireless router. For the Amped extender setup, one can enter the web address into the browser. The web address will take you to the Amped extender login page when a user’s device is connected to the Amped extender. After completing the login steps, you can extend your home network and configure the settings to experience an extended wireless network.

To set up an extended network using the amped device, you’ll need your current router’s SSID and passkey, a wireless device such as a laptop or mobile phone, and amped default network’s SSID and password. Once you’ve all the things ready, you can begin with the Amped wireless range extender setup through Follow these steps for Amped extender setup.

Connection between the Amped extender and computer

Firstly, you are required to plug the amped device into a power source. Once you see a stable power light, connect your computer to the default wireless network of the extender. You may find the default SSID and passkey printed somewhere on your Amped wireless device.

Logging into Amped wireless extender using web address

  • You might want to use an updated version of your preferred web browser.
  • Look for its URL field (Not in the search bar) and type the web address into your browser.
  • Try accessing the Amped extender login page by using the IP address
  • Type your Amped extender’s login username and password combination. After entering the correct details, the amped extender setup dashboard will appear on your screen.

Accessing the Amped extender dashboard and extending your router’s network

  1. When you get into the dashboard of your Amped wireless extender, your first task is to click on the ‘Scan Now’ option to find the list of the networks that can be extended.
  2. Click on the network that you wish to extend with your Amped wireless extender and input its wireless passkey.
  3. Next, you would be asked to configure the wireless settings of the extended network. You can skip the step if you want to keep the same settings as your wireless router.
  4. Otherwise, enter a new SSID and Passkey for the Amped wireless extended network. Finally, click on the ‘Save’ option.

That’s how you can complete the Amped extender setup with the web address If you are unable to complete the Amped wireless extender setup, quickly call our technicians and get their help. Our team is accessible through our toll-free number 24/7.

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