is default domain provided to the users. It helps them to configure their amped wireless device. It allows login to the web interface of amped wireless device. To change the wireless settings, access the login page. Complete the amped wireless setup with amped login. Amped wireless login can be accessed using the computer device or using the mobile device.

In case, not working, you can even access amped wireless setup by using the default IP address The web interface is the control panel of your amped wireless device. All the settings are stored. One can configure the required settings on web interface and complete the amped wireless setup as well.

What are the changes that can be made after accessing login?

Amped wireless setup wizard
You can make the following changes using

How to access login page?

To complete the amped wireless setup, you need to perform the login steps. Here’s how to do it:
  • Remove the existing router from PC.
  • Disconnect modem and from power outlet. Turn off the modem
  • From your modem connect an Ethernet cable to the WAN port of the router.
  • Connect another port from the LAN port of the router to the PC.
  • Plug in the power and turn on your modem. Re-install the batteries.
  • Connect the power adapter to the amped wireless device and turn it on.
  • Now, Turn on your computer and begin with the connection.
  • Once the connection is made properly, open up your browser.
  • Visit
  • Provide the amped wireless login details in the required fields.
  • Thereafter, click begin setup
  • You will enter it into the dashboard. Click ‘Setup Wizard’
  • Click ‘Next’ to continue.
  • The setup wizard will start detecting your internet connection type.
  • You can follow the on-screen instructions to complete the amped wireless setup.
  •  Thereafter, You will see a green checkmark after setup. not working?

You might face issues with your amped wireless setup. If unable to open login page try these troubleshooting tips. Resolve the issue with simple troubleshooting tips.

  • Make sure that cable connection is properly made.
  • Ensure that the devices are powered on and receiving proper power.
  • Check that your computer is not connected to any other wireless network.
  • Thereafter, Close your current web browser. Reopen it.
  • Clear the cache, cookies, and history of your internet browser.
  • Also, if this is not working, you can use a different browser. Make sure it is compatible.
  • Open the amped wireless login page by using the default IP address
  • Make sure you are using correct login credentials to get into amped wireless setup.
  • Update the amped wireless device firmware.

These troubleshooting tips will help you get rid of not working issue. However, if you are still not able to open login page, you can simply reset your device. not working
    • To reset the amped wireless device, you need to locate the reset button.
    • Take a sharp and pointed object.
    • Press and hold the reset button.
    • You will see the change in the behavior of LED. Release the reset button.
    • Now, the amped wireless device will start rebooting.
    • Thereafter, turn on your device.
    • Try to access login page.

These were steps to resolve to not working.  Hence, this will resolve the issues. To know more about amped wireless setup, contact us. Our team is available round the clock. You can call on their toll-free number.  you can interact with them live as well.

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