Amped Wireless Setup

Amped wireless setup is the prime example of how important customer service is to Amped Wireless Corporation. Several instances of high-level customer service support are observed in the docs provided on this website itself. The Amped wireless extender setup wizard, setup Amped wireless  page, and well written answers for questions like ‘how to reset Amped wireless range extender?’ are all available everywhere.

Moving on, the most readily available and asked for information, i.e. Amped Wireless setup instructions are given in the segment below. Each of the single steps has been well-defined and all queries are readily answered. If for some reason you are unable to understand any of the steps, you can call us on our toll-free number provided or chat live with us. Our technicians are well-versed in all the Amped setup-related issues and have information about the same too.

Amped Wireless Setup Instructions

Login to the Amped wireless dashboard

How to setup amped wireless router through

Setting up Amped wireless router is easier to set up with than you think. For a smoother setup of amped wireless wifi router, kindly follow the steps accordingly – 

  1. Keep the home modem, amped wireless router, and a computer/ laptop in one room. This will allow an easy setup. 
  2. Attach the antennas of the amped wireless router.
  3. Get two Ethernet cables and make sure your home router is powered up. 
  4. Use one Ethernet cable to amped the router’s WAN port to connect to the home modem.
  5. Use the other Ethernet cable to connect the amped wireless router’s LAN port to connect to the computer. 
  6. Now connect the amped wireless router to the power socket. 
  7. Open the wifi settings of your computer. 
  8. The amped wireless router network SSID’s are mentioned on the back label of the router, join to that network. 
  9. Open the browser and run URL and the login page will page.
  10. Now as you have entered the dashboard. Click on Scan and enable the location so, the network signals can be located. 
  11. When the networks are located, go to a home network and set the SSIDs

Here the setup of the amped wireless router is completed through

Wi-Fi Protected Setup for Amped wireless range extender (WPS)

Amped extender manufacturers have made it easier for users to get done with the Amped extender setup process in no time. You can do it with the help of WPS button on the Amped wireless device. If your wireless router has a WPS button as well, you can get done with the setup. WPS is a Wi-Fi feature which is also called as one-touch setup or Wi-Fi Protected Setup makes the installation and configuration of amped wireless extender much easier. Some devices may require a bit time to complete the complicated setup procedures. That’s why this two minutes duration is allocated.

You can connect to your Amped wireless range extender’s Wi-Fi using the following steps:

Setup Amped wireless Range Extender
  • First, place the Amped wireless range extender near your existing home network router and connect to the power supply. Secondly, allow the power light get stable.
  • Now, hold and push down the WPS button on your existing router for about 10 seconds. Also, repeat the process on the amped device by pressing the WPS button located on back panel of the device.
  • Afterward, the WPS status LEDs on both the amped wireless range extender and the home network router will blink following the connection and will get stable after blinking for few seconds.
  • A separate wireless / Wi-Fi network will be broadcasted after the amped range extender and the router are connected.
  • Next, the Amped extender will copy the wireless and security settings of your home router network.
  • Now, you can customize the settings of your Amped device by accessing the Amped wireless dashboard with the help of web page.

How to change the password in Amped extender via

Sometimes a need might occur when you have to change the amped wireless username and password. There can be several reasons why a person feels in need to reset the credentials on the amped router. You can reset the username and password by using the web-based URL called It is quick and easy to do so, just follow the given instructions stepwise, nothing less nothing more – 

  1. Open the browser in your system or on your laptop. 
  2. Now, run the URL and make sure to type it right. 
  3. The amped device login window will appear.
  4. Enter your credentials and make sure to get them correct. 
  5. Go to the option called more settings.
  6. Now from there run your cursor to Management. 
  7. Finally, you can see the option called Password. 
  8. From there you may change or reset the pass-codes of your amped wireless router. 
  9. Make sure to save them before quitting or exiting. 

The passwords are resettled, I guess. Bravo on a job well done.

Amped Extender Firmware Upgrade

New firmware updates are released regularly by the Amped wireless in order to enhance the functioning and performance and improving the user experience. A new firmware file will remove the bugs that were present in the previous file. The overall working and functioning of the Amped wireless extender will be improved. You can either choose an automatic method or manual method to update a firmware for your Amped device.

Amped extender Firmware upgrade

Automatic Amped Firmware Upgrade

You need to check the Downloads page on to download the updated firmware version. Or, you visit the amped wireless official support site for your product on the regular basis to see if there are any available updates. 

Amped Extender Manual Firmware Upgrade

Download the firmware file with updated version as a zip file from the Support Webpage link on the left or by visiting Save the file on your computer to be uploaded while the manual firmware upgrade process.

  • First, make sure that Amped extender is securely connected to the computer through wireless or wired connection.
  • Secondly, get into an updated version of internet browser of your choice to access the amped wireless login page.
  • Now, enter the web address in the address bar of the web browser to access the Dashboard of the amped wireless range extender
  • Next, you can try to login through the default IP address in case you are unable to access the web menu or dashboard of the amped extender through login.
  • Afterward, the amped extender web menu/dashboard will appear. Click on More Settings from the dashboard and then click on Management option on the left side menu.
  • Now, go to Upgrade Firmware option and click on choose file to browse and select the downloaded firmware file.
  • Next, click on upload button to update the Amped firmware file and wait for your amped Wi-Fi Range Extender to reboot.
  • This concludes the Amped extender firmware upgrade process.

How to Reset Amped Wireless Extender?

How to Reset Amped Wireless Extender?

Seems as if you are facing issues with your amped wireless extender and thinking about resetting the amped wireless range extender. You can reset your amped wireless extender by following the steps written below:

  1. Keep the power plugged in on your amped wireless router.
  2. There is a pinhole at the bottom of your amped wireless range extender. Locate it and go get a pin or a bit sharp object such as a pen.
  3. Now press the button for ten seconds that will be enough. This will reset the router to the factory default mode. Once you have completed the reset of amped wireless range extender, then kindly update the firmware if it is not the latest firmware on your amped wireless range extender. 

Here your amped wireless range extender is reset and as new as it came. We hope these steps will be of help for you and they will because when nothing works resetting the networking device to factory default mode becomes the top way of a savior. All the very best then.

Resetting via the range extender interface via

  • Firstly, get into an updated internet browser of your choice such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to access the Amped extender login page.
  • Now, enter the web address in the address bar of the web browser to access the Amped extender login page.
  • Note: in case you are unable to access the web menu or dashboard of the amped extender through login, you can try to login through the default IP address
  • When you reach to the dashboard of the amped wireless extender, click on More Settings then click Management.
  • Next, click on factory reset, and the extender will reset to factory defaults.
  • Finally, allow the extender to reboot to complete the settings.
Resetting via the range extender interface via

Amped wireless range extender reset through the reset button

Amped wireless range extender reset through the reset button
  • Firstly, press and hold the reset button located on the bottom of the amped Range Extender for 5-10 seconds while your extender is connected to the power.
  • Now, release the button after few seconds, and the extender settings will be reset to factory defaults.

All the previously configured settings will be erased after you reset the Amped range extender. Now, you will need to sign into Amped smart wizard to set up and reconfigure the amped wireless extender using a web address

With that, let’s also talk about a number of issues that are asked by a number of our customers. Our customer service representatives are available around the clock to provide effective support for the following:
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How do I fix my Amped Wireless Range Extender?

Fixing amped wireless range extender means configuring it for further usage, buying an amped wireless range extender to extend the wifi signals at your place is a really good purchase. Let us get you it all settled up:
How do I access my amped wireless range extender?
  1. Keep the range extender, home router, and operating device in the same room for easy setup. 
  2. Connect the antennas of the amped wireless range extender. 
  3. Power up your amped wireless range extender and make sure of the LED indicator. 
  4. Open the wifi settings on your device and check for the network names – Amped_Rep_2.4GHz or Amped_Rep_5GHz
  5. Connect to the network names given in step four. 
  6. Once done open the web browser and run the URL
  7. Login and Scan for the home router’s network. 
  8. Now set the SSID/ username and password for your extended network.
  9. Once done save it.

You have successfully fixed the amped wireless range extender at your place. Now enjoy a more reliable and stable home network that is extended even to your garage and backyard.

How do I access my amped wireless range extender?
Seems as if you have not yet figured out the installation of your newly bought amped wireless range extender. Do not worry about accessing the amped wireless range extender, it is not as difficult as you may think – in fact, and it is easy. Walkthrough the following steps to access your amped wireless range extender:
  1. First make sure you have the amped range extender, home router, and a laptop or computer in the same room. Because you would be needing them all together. 
  2. Power up the range extender by connecting it to a power socket and look for LED behavior. 
  3. You can connect the amped extender to the operating by opening the wifi connection settings and looking for the network names Amped_Rep_2.4GHz or Amped_Rep_5GHz.
  4. Now forge a connection to those network names.
  5. Open up the web browser on your laptop, and run the URL or you can run the IP address instead 
  6. Enter default usernames and now set the usernames and passcodes on your extended network through Amped wireless range extender. 

So, you have accessed the network on your amped wireless range extender.

How do I access my amped wireless range extender?
How to Connect PC, Tablet, or any device to the Range Extender?
The setting up of the connection between your range extender and PC/ Tablet/ any other device is as easy as it can be. Make sure you have the following:
How to Connect PC, Tablet, or any device to the Range Extender?

If you have the above two follow the steps:

  1. Open the wifi connection settings of your phone/ PC/ tablet/ any other device.
  2. Once opened now search for the network name of your range extender. 
  3. Enter the password of the network name, with which you are connecting your device. 
  4. Tap on connect. 

You have now connected your device to the network of your range extender.

How to connect the Range Extender to different operating systems?

The range extenders are compatible with almost all the operating systems be it Windows, be it Androids or be it, Macintosh. Here are the ways how you can connect your home range extender to a variety of devices:

Window 10

Go to the network and internet settings of your operating system, the system will show up the available networks in the range, check for the network username of the range extender and enter the password.

Window 11

Again go to the network settings and look for the network name of your range extender. Then enter the password and connect to it. Simple as that and now you have connected to the range extender.

Mac OS

Go to the wireless icon on your Mac OS. Over there select the network name of your range extender and enter its passcode. Join the network by tapping on connect.


Go to the network settings in your iPhone, choose your network of the range extender. Now you may enter the password of your range extender and hit connect. Guess what? You have joined the network.

iPad Tablet

Tap the home button and go to the settings of the iPad Tablet. Then to wifi, turn on the wifi, the tablet will automatically run the network name, you just have to connect to the network by entering a passcode.


Go to apps > settings > wireless and network > wifi settings. Over there find the network name of your range extender. Enter the password of your range extender and hit connect.

Why can’t access the Amped wireless setup page?

  • The first thing you need to ensure is that your computer needs to be connected to the Range Extender’s Wi-Fi network. Search for the SSIDs of both the wireless extender bands.
  • A lot of times the recommended web browser isn’t used to log in to the page. Please ensure that you are using Google Chrome.
  • Now, turn off your Amped Range Extender turn it back on. If that doesn’t work, try again after sometime.
  • Post the above, it is recommended that you reset your Range Extender to default settings. Now, press and hold down the Reset Button which is located on the back panel for at least 8-10 seconds, and then try to connect to the internet again.
  • If all the above steps fail, disconnect the device from all Wi-Fi networks. And, use an Ethernet cable to connect the Range Extender and your PC. Now, try to go to

I am unable to login to Amped Wireless Range Extender Wirelessly.

  • The first thing that you need to ensure is that you have the appropriate router security. If you don’t find the same, you need to is activate the same for your devices. Firstly, head over to Web Menu, and go to Wireless Settings. Next, choose Wireless Security and select the Extended Network option. You will find it in the drop down menu. If you need, you need to either disable security or downgrade the security to WEP.
  • The Home network could be the one that is down. Now, connect your wireless device like the laptop directly to the Range extender using an Ethernet cable to check the network status. Next, go to Amped wireless setup page using Afterward, on the Amped wireless setup page, go through the Amped wireless extender setup wizard again. Once the setup is complete, try connecting again.

I can’t access the internet on the Range extender with fast speed

  • Sometimes, one of the reasons why the speed is slow is because the Range Extender isn’t running at a 100% power. Firstly, check the settings by logging on the Amped wireless setup page and make the appropriate changes.
  • A lot of time, a range extender installed at a poor location does this. Areas with high interference, such as, near fridges, microwaves, metallic objects and low surfaces cause the range extender to lose its output. Now, find a spot higher on the location and connect again.
  • Afterward, ensure that the antennas are firmly joined on the Range Extender device. If they are not, tighten them and try again later.
  • Next, move the angle of antennas to increase the range. A slightly horizontal position provides better connectivity to devices nearby. However, it is recommended that you keep them slanted at an angle of 45°.
  • A lot other times the congestion causes the wireless channel to choke which stops you from accessing a fast internet. Now, switch the channel that your range extender is running on. Your Range Extender will reconnect to the new networks settings that you have modified.
  • The network adapter that you are using may have poor range, older technology with slower speeds, or may need a driver update. 

Amped Range Extender that I have has no longer allows me to access the Internet

  • One of the reasons why it could have happened is because your Range Extender has dropped from the Home Network; changes made to the router do it sometimes which happen due to random events such as a power outage. Once this happens, go to the web address: which is the Amped wireless setup page. You might be needed to complete the Amped wireless range extender setup using the Amped wireless extender setup wizard available on the page itself.
  • Open the setup menu using the link and webpage Here, ensure that your range extender has a range of somewhere around 70% or more. A long-distance from the wireless router to the Amped Wireless range extender is responsible for the drop in connection from 70%. Reposition the router to somewhere close to the device again and you will receive a fast wireless connection again.
Amped Range Extender that I have has no longer allows me to access the Internet
We can effectively handle such issues for all the devices mentioned below and more.
  • RTA2600-R2 Amped Wireless ATHENA-R2 AC2600 Wi-Fi Router
  • Amped Wireless ATHENA AC2600 RTA2600 Wi-Fi Router
  • RE2600M Amped Wireless ATHENA-EX AC2600 Wi-Fi Range Extender
  • Amped Wireless HELIOS-EX RE2200T AC2200 Wi-Fi Range Extender
  • RTA2200T Amped Wireless HELIOS AC2200 Wi-Fi Router
  • RE1900A Amped Wireless TITAN-EX AC1900 Wi-Fi Range Extender
  • RTA1900 Amped Wireless TITAN B1900EX AC1900 Wi-Fi Router
  • Amped Wireless AC1900 Wi-Fi Range Extender
  • B1900RT Amped Wireless AC1900 Wi-Fi Router
  • TAP-EX3 Amped Wireless Touch Screen AC1750 Wi-Fi Range Extender
  • Amped Wireless Touch Screen TAP-R3 AC1750 Wi-Fi Router
  • RE1750A Amped Wireless AC1750 Wi-Fi Range Extender
  • RTA1750 Amped Wireless AC1750 Wi-Fi Router
  • RE1300M Amped Wireless ARTEMIS-EX AC1300 Wi-Fi Range Extender
  • Amped Wireless ARTEMIS RTA1300M AC1300 Wi-Fi Router
  • REA20 Amped Wireless 700mW Dual Band AC Wi-Fi Range Extender
  • Amped Wireless 700mW RTA15 Dual Band AC Wi-Fi Router
  • TAP-EX2 Amped Wireless Touch Screen AC750 Wi-Fi Range Extender
  • Amped Wireless  600mW SR20000G Gigabit Dual Band Range Extender
  • R20000G Amped Wireless  600mW Gigabit Dual Band Router
  • Amped Wireless Wireless-N Range Extender
  • R10000G Amped Wireless Wireless-N Router
  • Amped Wireless Range Extender SR150
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